What Is Node.js?

Node.js, which is a crucial component of the MERN stack, has continued to expand in popularity and has topped Stack Overflow’s list of the most popular web frameworks and technologies for 2022. Since Node.js applications are written in JavaScript, which is the world’s leading programming language, many developers will find it easy to use. To address common development challenges and to cater to the popularity of Node.js, we introduced the Node Docker Official Image (DOI). 

What Is the Node Docker Official Image?

The Node Docker Official Image comes with all the necessary components, including source code, core dependencies, tools, and libraries, to ensure that your application runs smoothly. It is designed to support various CPU architectures such as amd64, arm32v6, arm32v7, arm64v8, ppc641le, and s390x. Additionally, you have the freedom to select different tags or image versions for your project. Opting for a specific version like node:19.0.0-slim ensures that you use a stable and efficient version of Node.js. 

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