Servermanagers is a team of storage Virtualization experts and consultants in Nigeria. We have a wide network of partners, and our strategies are tailored to meet with the needs of the individual client.

Server Managers offer the best storage Virtualization solutions to companies who are looking to refresh their data center infrastructure. The company is a market leader, offering the latest hardware and software products in the industry. They offer all sorts of storage Virtualization services including backup, disaster recovery and archiving. Server managers offer cost-effective solutions that are unmatched by other providers in the industry.

Storage Virtualization in Nigeria

Storage virtualization services

Organizations rely on Server Managers for all sorts of services – backup, disaster recovery and archiving – that they believe are essential for not just safeguarding their business data but also keeping it accessible at any time. Server managers offer cost-effective solutions that are unmatched by other providers in the industry and their experts can help you identify what you require from them, and then provide a quote based on your needs.

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Storage virtualization Services in Nigeria

Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization is an integral part of the IT infrastructure. We possess the expertise to deploy the right storage Virtualization services in Nigeria, so that you can get high performance for your business needs. By implementing storage Virtualization solutions and servers, businesses can eliminate their need for expensive physical servers and switch to a much more scalable environment. With the rapid changes in technology, the storage Virtualization market is becoming an important sector. Servermanagers has expertise on market-leading platforms which allows them to deliver these storage Virtualization services in Nigeria. We provide custom storage Virtualization solutions. We have experts who are experienced in the industry and they will be able to provide you with a sustainable solution for your business needs.

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What is Storage Virtualization?

Storage virtualization (also sometimes called software-defined storage or a virtual SAN) is the pooling of multiple physical storage arrays from SANs and making them appear as a single virtual storage device. The pool can integrate unlike storage hardware from different networks, vendors, or data centers into one logical view and manage them from a single pane of glass.

Virtualizing storage separates the storage management software from the underlying hardware infrastructure in order to provide more flexibility and scalable pools of storage resources. And not only that, but it can abstract storage hardware (arrays and disks) into virtual storage pools in the same way compute virtualization (VMWare ESX or Hyper-V) abstract compute hardware (servers) into virtual machine instances (VMs).

The Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) even has a unique storage virtualization definition:

The application of virtualization to storage services or devices for the purpose of aggregating functions or devices, hiding complexity, or adding new capabilities to lower level storage resources.

Why Consider Storage Virtualization?

This technology has been used over the years to solve many of the challenges with growth, managing large amounts of storage. Virtualized storage has become even more important today as the amount of data stored continues to grow exponentially every year.

Storage virtualization can easily be used to address the following top 7 challenges:

  1. Vendor lock-in
  2. Data migration across arrays
  3. Scalability
  4. Redundancy
  5. Performance
  6. High costs
  7. Management

While benefits of storage virtualization are substantial, there are many technical hurdles to overcome. One of the top hurdles is with storage environments containing heterogeneous hardware and software components, often supplied by many different vendors.

By virtualizing storage, a system can be made more flexible because commodity hardware can be quickly added on and discovered by the virtualization software platform. These hardware resources can then be joined to a virtual pool of storage that is available to the virtualization platform.

This has driven one of the largest trends in the storage industry, which is a “scale out” approach in which hardware capacity can be added quickly in a modular fashion. Virtualization can aggregate and manage data across a wide range of physical assets in large networks or data centers. This data can be consolidated to isolate performance issues, predict and troubleshoot problems, and plan for future capacity needs.

Regardless of the storage hardware or vendor you own today, the software is the brain and layer of intelligence that determines the functions, features, services, and benefits you will be able to offer to your hosts, applications, and end users.

If you find yourself losing sleep at night due to existing SAN struggles and challenges, then this is the best time for you to evaluate storage virtualization software. The number of benefits are too many to ignore.

Your organization cannot afford to continue depending solely on traditional storage. It is time to make modernize your storage architecture.

Benefits of our virtualization services

Servermanagers Virtualization Services

We provide cutting-edge consulting services to companies, based out of Nigeria, in order to help them with their productivity levels – as well as reduce their IT infrastructure costs. Virtualization is key in this process; it helps companies keep tabs on the workloads they have while still being able to reduce expenses that are associated with it.

We deliver end-to-end solutions with its expertise on market-leading platforms such as VMware, proxmox. With proven excellence, we can help organizations in switching over to a virtualized IT environment and meet the demand for more efficient IT operations.

Our range of virtualization Services includes:

  • Application Virtualization: Here, the applications get virtualized and are streamed from a server to the end user’s device.
  • Desktop Virtualization: It is a digital operating system that separates a user’s desktop environment from the physical hardware. It is mostly used in data centers, where separate personalized images for each user are hosted on a physical server.
  • Hardware Virtualization: This refers to the creation of virtual (as opposed to concrete) versions of computers and operating systems. It aims to run different operating systems on the same hardware and lets more than one user to use the processor simultaneously.
  • Network Virtualization: This refers to the creation of virtual (versus concrete) versions of computers and operating systems. This allows multiple people to use a single CPU simultaneously, as well as let someone else run a different operating system than the main one.pendent channels, each of which can be assigned or reassigned to a particular server or device in real time.
  • Operating System (OS) Virtualization: It enables organizations to have a single server that can run multiple OS’ instead of having a dedicated server for each OS.
  • Server Virtualization: It is a method of partitioning one physical server into numerous virtual servers, each of which run its own operating system, applications and functions as an independent server.
  • Storage Virtualization: It is the process of grouping physical storage from multiple network storage devices so that it performs as if it is on one storage device.

Features of our Virtualization Services in Nigeria

servermanagers offers customized IT Virtualization consulting solutions that are perfectly in sync with the business needs of customers. Our domain experts will help you in deriving the benefits of virtualization for all mission-critical business applications, such as for your datacenter automation, system monitoring and applications testing.

  • Improved agility: Our services enable the accelerated virtualization of critical business applications in addition to improving storage I/O performance.
  • Boosted productivity: We are focused on simplifying storage management and hardware consolidation to ensure higher productivity.
  • Advanced resource optimization: We ensure advanced levels of resource optimization by combing the available resources and dividing the available bandwidth into independent channels.
  • Backup Support and Disaster Recovery: The foolproof backup and disaster recovery plan ensures proper management and storage of the critical customer data.

Our Strategy

servermanagers adopts a four-phase strategy for its IT Virtualization services as follows:

  • Analysis and Assessment: After a detailed review of the customer’s IT environment, we provide an estimate of the total cost of ownership for the infrastructure as well as the setup expense.
  • Design: In this phase, we create a detailed project plan and detail the strategy to be adopted for the virtualization of servers.
  • Deployment: Our team of experts works with customers in the authentication, configuration and deployment of a new infrastructure that meets the performance requirements.
  • Support: We offer multiple levels of support technologies and work with the customers in determining the ideal support level for their workforce and capabilities.



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