Server Managers Nigeria have the best Web App Security Solution to offer, which guarantee the safety and security of your websites against any external threats.

Server managers is the best Web App Security Solution provider in Nigeria offering different solutions so that they can take better care of their customers. We are not just like any other website security solution company in Nigeria. We understand that when you want to hire a company for your Web Application Security Solution, you need to be sure the team is able to deliver on what they promised. Server managers is Nigeria’s best Web App Security Solution service. Server managers offer a variety of services to their customers which include but not limited to: Website security, website hosting and cybersecurity.

Web application security solution in Nigeria

Web application security solution

Server Managers Nigeria Web application security solution is the best web app security solution service in Nigeria because it helps organizations to monitor, manage and protect their web applications from emerging threats. It has been designed to address the specific needs of managing and securing Web applications and websites with a high level of performance, accuracy, scalability, and flexibility in an affordable package. With the recent advancements in cyber security, there has been a sharp increase in the number of individuals and businesses that are being hacked and their data stolen. Businesses must ensure they have the best web app security solution to protect themselves from becoming victims of cybercrime. Server managers is the best web app security solution service in Nigeria that can be trusted to provide you with a holistic approach to preventing hacking.

servers management company in Nigeria
Web App Security Solution in Nigeria

Web App Security Solution

Server managers is the leading software service provider in Nigeria. Our solutions are designed to sustain fast-paced business environments that require 100% uptime and seamless performance. Our team of experts will analyze your infrastructure setup, determine critical points of failure, and recommend a solution to ensure you maintain high levels of system availability. We offer a range of Web Application Security solutions including firewall protection, intrusion detection and prevention, vulnerability assessment, and malware detection. Server managers is the leading Web App Security Solution providers in Nigeria who can offer you tailored solutions for your business needs.

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What is Web Application Security?

Web application security is a central component of any web-based business. The global nature of the Internet exposes web properties to attack from different locations and various levels of scale and complexity. Web application security deals specifically with the security surrounding websites, web applications and web services such as APIs.

What are common web app security vulnerabilities?

Attacks against web apps range from targeted database manipulation to large-scale network disruption. Let’s explore some of the common methods of attack or “vectors” commonly exploited.

  • Cross site scripting (XSS) – XSS is a vulnerability that allows an attacker to inject client-side scripts into a webpage in order to access important information directly, impersonate the user, or trick the user into revealing important information.
  • SQL injection (SQi) – SQi is a method by which an attacker exploits vulnerabilities in the way a database executes search queries. Attackers use SQi to gain access to unauthorized information, modify or create new user permissions, or otherwise manipulate or destroy sensitive data.
  • Denial-of-service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks – Through a variety of vectors, attackers are able to overload a targeted server or its surrounding infrastructure with different types of attack traffic. When a server is no longer able to effectively process incoming requests, it begins to behave sluggishly and eventually deny service to incoming requests from legitimate users.
  • Memory corruption – Memory corruption occurs when a location in memory is unintentionally modified, resulting in the potential for unexpected behavior in the software. Bad actors will attempt to sniff out and exploit memory corruption through exploits such as code injections or buffer overflow attacks.
  • Buffer overflow – Buffer overflow is an anomaly that occurs when software writing data to a defined space in memory known as a buffer. Overflowing the buffer’s capacity results in adjacent memory locations being overwritten with data. This behavior can be exploited to inject malicious code into memory, potentially creating a vulnerability in the targeted machine.
  • Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) – Cross site request forgery involves tricking a victim into making a request that utilizes their authentication or authorization. By leveraging the account privileges of a user, an attacker is able to send a request masquerading as the user. Once a user’s account has been compromised, the attacker can exfiltrate, destroy or modify important information. Highly privileged accounts such as administrators or executives are commonly targeted.
  • Data breach – Different than specific attack vectors, a data breach is a general term referring to the release of sensitive or confidential information, and can occur through malicious actions or by mistake. The scope of what is considered a data breach is fairly wide, and may consist of a few highly valuable records all the way up to millions of exposed user accounts.
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