Appsec and Technical Debt

Technical debt is a fact of life for anyone working in software development: work that needs to be done to make the system cleaner and simpler and cheaper to run over the long term, but that the business doesn’t know about or doesn’t see as a priority. This is because technical debt is mostly hidden […]

Traditional vs. Modern Incident Response

What Is Incident Response? An incident is an event (network outage, system failure, data breach, etc.) that can lead to loss of, or disruption to, an organization’s operations, services or functions. Incident Response is an organization’s effort to detect, analyze, and correct the hazards caused due to an incident. In the most common cases, when […]

Observability Is Cultural

I’m guilty of applying the word “debugging” to practically anything. My kids’ Legos won’t fit, let’s debug that. Observability is one of the few disciplines that actually warrant that moniker: it is debugging. But traditional debugging doesn’t really fit with observability practices. I usually call it “precognitive debugging.” We need to have a rough idea […]

Automate Amazon Aurora Global Database Using CloudFormation

This article describes steps to automate AWS Aurora Global Database services using Cloud Formation, Lambda, and State Function. It also provides detailed steps to create a Global Database with sample code snippets.  Some of the features detailed in the article are:  Overview of Aurora Global Database Prerequisites  Creating an RDS Global Database  Failover  Conclusion Overview […]

AWS Cognito Overview and Step-By-Step Integration

When an application needs server-side implementation, clients (such as mobile devices or browsers) must authenticate to the server. For instance, when someone uses Gmail to log into Facebook after having logged in before, they transmit certain identifying information to the Facebook server. User authentication for your application might be established in several different ways. However, […]

Become an Elite Team With DORA Metrics

Organizations have been attempting to measure software development productivity for decades. Too often, attention has concentrated on easily-quantifiable metrics like person-hours, lines of code committed, function points, or features added per sprint. Sadly, none of these have proven adequate at predicting team productivity. It’s such a complex problem that some have declared it impossible to […]

Value Stream Management Meets Engineering Analytics

Value Stream Management (VSM) is about empowering delivery organizations to measure, mitigate, and monitor complexity. Simply put, it aims at improving the flow of value in your organization. The VSM Consortium recently released their highly anticipated report on The State of Value Stream Management Report 2022.   In this article, we recap some of the […]

The Importance of Monitoring in the Kubernetes ERA!

Monitoring Kubernetes involves monitoring cluster resources and all the nodes, as well as monitoring pods, deployments, and services.  Know more about Kubernetes monitoring and why it is important for a seamless Kubernetes deployment here in this blog! Pearson, a leading education company, serving 75 million students across the world, uses Kubernetes to run some of […]

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