Docker Use Cases: 15 Most Common Ways to Use Docker

Containerizing applications instead of hosting them on virtual machines is a concept that has been trending in the last few years, making container management popular. Docker sits at the heart of this transition, helping organizations seamlessly adopt containerization technology. Recently, Docker use cases can be seen across all industries, regardless of size and nature. What […]

A VLDB 2022 Paper: The Technologies Behind OceanBase’s 707 Million tpmC in TPC-C Benchmark Test

Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark C (TPC-C) benchmark test is by far the most credible and authoritative yardstick of the functionality and performance of online transaction processing databases in the database industry worldwide. On May 20, 2020, the TPC published the TPC-C benchmark test results of OceanBase — 707 million transactions per minute (tpmC), with […]

Automate Your Kubernetes Deployments With Helm

Why We Need Automated Deployments Over the last decade, there has been a paradigm shift in the way applications are written, deployed, and managed. Businesses have adopted cloud-native as their strategy for dealing with applications. As a result, applications have shifted to a microservices architecture. The deployment platforms are now managed by clouds or Kubernetes. […]

What Is Oracle Cloud ERP?

Foremost, the Oracle Cloud ERP, abbreviated as Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning includes all sorts of functions in an enterprise or organization, i.e, from account management, financial management, and project management to procurement. Likewise, Oracle entered the IT industry with its maximum used cloud-based technology based on the end-to-end Saas (Software as a service) platform […]

How to Create an Ansible Playbook

In this post, you will learn how to create an Ansible playbook. As an exercise, you will install an Apache Webserver onto two target machines and change the welcome page. 1. Introduction In the two previous Ansible posts, you learned how to setup an Ansible test environment and how to create an Ansible inventory. This post continues […]

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