I have experience working on many projects, and I have found that the right choice for a branching strategy is essential for project success. In this article, I’ll describe different branching strategies. Nowadays, Git-Flow is very popular and well-documented. However, there are a few other alternatives like GitHub-Flow and the Trunk-based approach that exist, and some teams tend to move away from git-flow, and this article will describe why some other branching models may work better for your and your team.

Why Do We Need Git?

The reason why we have to use a (distributed) version control system like Git, and another, seems very obvious since it is used in almost every project, and having (D)VCS seems a standard nowadays. However, the question is why it is so. The answer is we are using version control because, as a team, we want to collaborate our effort to work on the same product and the same goal, and with the use of (distributed) version control systems like Git, we can integrate our individual contributions into a single product.

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