Our software development company, Webparking, has been in business for nearly 20 years now — long enough to see both the rise of the cloud…and the subsequent rise in cloud cost complexity. Through the era of dedicated servers and then virtual servers, our infrastructure pricing was quite straightforward. It was only once we modernized into the cloud and Kubernetes era — and set up our own cluster on AWS — that costs got really complicated. Suddenly, we were facing a scheme with charges billed per hour, per minute, or per instance or resource, all with separate pricing models and layers and differences by region and more.  

This is where our infrastructure costs also became an acute challenge from a profitability perspective. Our business model includes charging clients fixed monthly fees based on what we provide, with no direct regard for the resources they use up. We’re not Amazon, and implementing similarly-complex billing would mean maintaining our own complex billing infrastructure. That’s not something either our company or our customers would be interested in.

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