DevOps is not new. Ideas to combine deployment and operations began to appear in the late 80s. It took us nearly 20 years to finally formulate the state of DevOps and begin the move towards DevOps engineers. However, we can’t stop here. While it may sound surprising, there is much more to be done than what we already did. Bringing deployments and operations together is just the first step, and we need to bring other areas together even more. Let’s see what exactly.

What We Have and What We Lack

We went through a big transformation in recent decades. We moved from monolithic applications to microservices. We deploy changes many times a day, and we use multiple platforms together.  The database complexity increased tremendously. We now have many databases, both SQL and NoSQL, and specific solutions for domains like machine learning. We can’t manage our databases the same way we did fifteen years ago. Even though we merged development and deployment, there are other aspects that we have disregarded until now. Some of them get bigger traction, such as DevSecOps (bringing security into the process) or ML Ops (bringing research and development together). However, we still lack good database ops solutions. Databases are still terra incognita for developers. They don’t manage them, they don’t optimize them, and they don’t know how to monitor and tune them efficiently. This is a gap that we need to address immediately. Read on to understand why.

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