Creating something new and unique is a difficult task. If you multiply it with the development process, every GitLab user understands that protecting the source code is one of the most demanding but challenging tasks. So, what is the best way to protect the DevOps team’s work? Find the balance and assurance that the development workflow won’t be interrupted or lost under no circumstances.

One may ask: “What can happen to GitLab? It is one of the most reliable source code management (SCM) tool providers” Yeap, it is. Though unfortunately, there are a lot of threats like outages, ransomware, and downtime – imagine that even the entire GitLab server or GitLab database can go down. Thus, you and your team should always be ready for any disaster scenario. How? The best way to do it is to build a strong backup strategy for your GitLab data. Moreover, it is a good idea to integrate a default backup strategy into your DevSecOps process and CI/CD pipeline.

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