Platform engineering is the discipline of building and maintaining a self-service platform for developers. The platform provides a set of cloud-native tools and services to help developers deliver applications quickly and efficiently. The goal of platform engineering is to improve developer experience (DX) by standardizing and automating most of the tasks in the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC). Instead of context switching like provisioning infrastructure, managing security, and learning curve, developers can focus on coding and delivering the business logic using automated platforms.

Platform engineering has an inward-looking perspective as it focuses on optimizing developers in the organization for better productivity. Organizations benefit greatly from developers working at the optimum level because it leads to faster release cycles. The platform makes it happen by providing everything developers need to get their code into production so they do not have to wait for other IT teams for infrastructure and tooling. The self-service platform that makes developers’ day-to-day activities more effortless and autonomous is called an internal developer platform (IDP).

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