I first started developing SAP “Workflows” 25 years ago: five years prior to Gartner announcing that ‘Event-Driven Architecture’ (EDA) would be the “next big thing” to follow on from ‘Service-Oriented Architecture’ (SOA) – SOA likewise still in its infancy in 2003. What’s interesting about this is that Workflows themselves are, and always have been, ‘Event-Driven.’ The advancement of any given Workflow from one step to the next step always depends upon a particular event (or events) occurring, such as ‘PurchaseOrder.Approved’.

As you might already know, SAP has been developing ERP software since 1972, making it by far one of the most experienced software vendors in the world to have built their product offerings around ‘Business Processes’: around ‘Process Integration.’ What’s also interesting to note in this regard is that SAP very recently confirmed the tight link between ‘Workflows’ and ‘Process Integration,’ by regrouping and rebranding their Cloud-based “Workflow Management” solution into a new offering: “Process Automation” – apparently the first time in 25 years that their Workflow solution carries a name other than “Workflow …”

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