Real-time data is important for businesses to make quick decisions. Seeing this data visually can help make decisions even faster. We can create visual representations of data using various data apps or dashboards. Dash is an open-source Python library that provides a wide range of built-in components for creating interactive charts, graphs, tables, and other UI elements. RisingWave is a SQL-based streaming database for real-time data processing. This article will explain how to use Python, Dash, and RisingWave to make visualizations of real-time data.

How To Visualize Data in Real-Time

We know that real-time data is data that is generated and processed immediately, as it is collected from different data sources. Sources can be typical databases such as Postgres or MySQL, and message brokers like Kafka. A real-time data visualization consists of a few steps: first, we ingest, then process, and finally show this data in a dashboard.

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