A few years ago, our team set out to solve a growing problem for today’s agile development teams: web application testing. We focused on QA automation because it is the most acute pain point for many teams hoping to realize their full DevOps potential. While there are dozens of solutions for testing application quality, most were built for a different era of installed, on-premise software that changed infrequently. In a cloud-native world that expects rapid development cycles, it was clear that a new solution was needed.

Our goal was to create a test automation platform that would fit seamlessly into today’s fast-paced Quality Engineering (QE) landscape  – a concept that urges teams to create a culture of quality where the silos kept QA and DevOps at odds no longer exist. We also wanted to simplify the test automation problem through the use of machine intelligence. We knew that modern QE teams wanted to avoid the burden of installing, configuring, managing, and scaling a testing solution, so we developed our platform to be a cloud-native SaaS. 

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