In this blog post, you will be using AWS Controllers for Kubernetes on an Amazon EKS cluster to put together a solution where HTTP requests sent to a REST endpoint exposed by Amazon API Gateway are processed by a Lambda function and persisted to a DynamoDB table.

AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (also known as ACK) leverage Kubernetes Custom Resource and Custom Resource Definitions and give you the ability to manage and use AWS services directly from Kubernetes without needing to define resources outside of the cluster. The idea behind ACK is to enable Kubernetes users to describe the desired state of AWS resources using the Kubernetes API and configuration language. ACK will then take care of provisioning and managing the AWS resources to match the desired state. This is achieved by using Service controllers that are responsible for managing the lifecycle of a particular AWS service. Each ACK service controller is packaged into a separate container image that is published in a public repository corresponding to an individual ACK service controller.

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