You may have heard that Podman is a drop-in replacement for Docker, but is it truly that simple? Join us in this blog as we explore the practicality of using Podman. We’ll start by working with a ready-to-go Dockerfile and run Podman commands just like you would with Docker. Let’s investigate whether this transition is hassle-free!

Introducing Podman 

Podman is a container engine, much like Docker. However, it operates without a daemon and runs containers as non-root by default, which is more secure. Docker has also made strides in running as a non-root user. According to Podman’s claims, all you need to do is execute the command alias docker=podman to add the alias “docker=podman,” and everything will work seamlessly. But is it really that straightforward? In the rest of this blog, we’ll put it to the test. We’ll attempt to build a Dockerfile for a sample node application.

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