In the ever-evolving landscape of microservices development, Helidon has emerged as a beacon of innovation. The release of Helidon 4 brings forth a wave of enhancements and features that promise to redefine the way developers approach microservices architecture. In this article, we embark on a detailed journey, unraveling the intricacies of Helidon 4’s new features through insightful examples. From MicroProfile 6.0 compatibility to enhanced support for reactive programming, simplified configuration management, and seamless integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Helidon 4 positions itself at the forefront of modern microservices frameworks.

The Shift From Netty: Why Simplicity Matters

Netty, known for its efficiency and scalability, played a crucial role in powering Helidon’s HTTP server in earlier versions. However, as Helidon evolved, the framework’s maintainers recognized the need for a simpler and more approachable architecture. This led to the decision to move away from Netty, making room for a more straightforward and user-friendly experience in Helidon 4.

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