When superior performance comes at a higher price tag, innovation makes it accessible. This is quite evident from the way AWS has been evolving its services:

 gp3, the successor of gp2 volumes: Offers the same durability, supported volume size, max IOPS per volume, and max IOPS per instance. The main difference between gp2 and gp3 is gp3’s decoupling of IOPS, throughput, and volume size. This flexibility to configure each piece independently – is where the savings come in.
AWS Graviton3 processors: Offers 25% better computing, double the floating-point, and improved cryptographic performance compared to its predecessors. It’s 3x faster than Graviton 2 and supports DDR5 memory, providing 50% more bandwidth than DDR4 (Graviton 2). 

To be better at assessing your core infrastructure needs, knowing the AWS services is just half the battle. In my previous blog, I’ve discussed numerous areas where engineering teams often falter. Do give it a read! Unpacking Our Findings From Assessing Numerous Infrastructures – Part 1

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