Have you ever seen the “exec /docker-entrypoint.sh: exec format error” error message on your server while running any docker image or Kubernetes pods? This is most probably because you are running some other CPU architecture container image on your server, or did you ever use –platform linux/x86_64 option on your Apple silicon M1, M2 MacBook? If yes, then you are not getting the native performance of Apple silicon, and it may be draining your MacBook battery. To avoid this kind of error and performance issue, we need to run the correct multi-arch container image, or we may need to build our own image because all container public image does not have the multi-arch image available.

In this blog post, we will learn what are multi-arch container images. How does it work? How to build and promote them? and we will write a sample code for building a multi-arch image in the CI/CD pipeline.

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