Integrating MicroStream and PostgreSQL, leveraging the new Jakarta EE specifications known as Jakarta Data, presents a powerful solution for developing ultrafast applications with SQL databases. MicroStream is a high-performance, in-memory object graph persistence library that enables efficient data storage and retrieval. At the same time, PostgreSQL is a widely used, robust SQL database system known for its reliability and scalability. Developers can achieve remarkable application performance and efficiency by combining these technologies’ strengths and harnessing Jakarta Data’s capabilities.

This article will explore the integration between MicroStream and PostgreSQL, focusing on leveraging Jakarta Data to enhance the development process and create ultrafast applications. We will delve into the key features and benefits of MicroStream and PostgreSQL, highlighting their respective strengths and use cases. Furthermore, we will dive into the Jakarta Data specifications, which provide a standardized approach to working with data in Jakarta EE applications, and how they enable seamless integration between MicroStream and PostgreSQL.

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