Zhamack Dehghani nicely described the architectural data planes. In the dynamic landscape of data management, the concept of the “data divide” has emerged as a pivotal idea that highlights the crucial distinction between two essential components: the operational data plane and the analytical data plane. This concept is particularly relevant in today’s data-driven world, where organizations strive to extract maximum value from their data assets. Understanding the data divide between these two planes is fundamental for devising effective strategies to manage, process, and derive insights from data.

Introduction to the Streaming Plane: Bridging the Operational and Analytical Data Planes

This bridge has traditionally been a one-way highway from the operational to the analytical plane. The path in the opposite direction is an arduous, awkward, and costly one that includes solutions named: Reverse ETL (rETL) and Data Activation. These solutions try to extract already cleansed and mastered data residing in the analytical plane from the data systems that aren’t optimized for large extraction.

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