Achieving agility, scalability, efficiency, and security is paramount in modern software development. While several cultural methodologies, tools, and approaches are sought after to achieve the above-mentioned, GitOps, Kubernetes, and Platform Engineering are keystones of this transformation. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn what GitOps, Kubernetes, and Platform Engineering are, unraveling their significance, working principles, and what makes this trio the powerhouse of modern DevOps.

Revolutionizing Infrastructure Management With GitOps

Understanding GitOps 

GitOps is a methodology that centers around the use of version control systems, with Git being the primary choice as the singular source of truth for both application code and infrastructure configurations. GitOps encourages the declaration of the desired state of applications and infrastructure within Git repositories. This approach makes it effortless to track changes, maintain version history, and foster seamless collaboration among team members. Furthermore, the use of pull requests and code reviews in GitOps ensures high code quality and security. Whenever changes are made to the Git repositories, automated processes ensure that the system’s state remains aligned with the declared configuration.

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