The evolution of web application deployment demands efficient canary release strategies. In the realm of canary releases, various solutions exist. Traditional “big bang” deployments for web applications pose significant risks, hindering rapid innovation and introducing potential disruption. Canary deployments offer a controlled release mechanism, minimizing these risks. However, existing solutions for web applications often involve complex tooling and server-side infrastructure expertise. This paper introduces a novel canary deployment architecture leveraging readily available Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools – CloudFront and S3 – to achieve simple, secure, and cost-effective canary deployments for web applications. The integration of AWS CloudFront, S3, and Lambda@Edge not only simplifies deployment intricacies but also ensures robust monitoring capabilities.

In today’s dynamic web application landscape, rapid feature updates and enhancements are crucial for competitiveness and user experience. Yet, traditional “big bang” deployments pose significant risks:

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