The integration of AI and ML in products has become a trend in recent years. Companies are trying to incorporate these technologies into their products to improve their efficiency and performance. And this year, particularly with the boom of ChatGPT, almost every company is trying to introduce a feature in this domain. One of the main benefits of AI and ML is their ability to learn and adapt. They can analyze data and use it to improve their performance over time. This means that products that incorporate these technologies can become smarter and more efficient over time.

Let’s understand now how companies are taking their ideas to production. Usually, they start with hiring a few data scientists who will figure out what models to create to solve the problem, fine-tune them, and handover to MLOps or DevOps engineers to deploy. Your DevOps engineers may or may not know how to efficiently take these models to production. That’s where you need specialized skills such as Machine learning engineers and MLOps who understand how to manage the whole process of the CI/CD/CT pipeline efficiently.

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