I have been actively involved in assisting various customers with their data migration and data modernization initiatives over the past few years. Reflecting on the challenges they faced and the valuable lessons learned, I believe sharing insights that can benefit the broader community is essential.

In the current landscape, many organizations are transitioning from managing on-premises big data enterprise warehouses such as Oracle, SQL, or Hadoop to cloud solutions like Snowflake, Synapse, or Databricks. This shift is driven by factors such as improved efficiency, cost reduction, scalability, and enhanced user experiences. However, the process of migrating an entire data ecosystem from on-premises to the cloud presents numerous challenges and unforeseen scenarios. A robust data strategy is crucial, taking into account the existing systems, the nature of produced data, usage patterns, and specific requirements across various departments and user segments. Here, I outline key recommendations and considerations that should form a part of your comprehensive data strategy:

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