This is a question that I hear on a fairly regular basis, not just internally but from external customers as well. So it’s one that I would like to help you walk through so that you can really figure out what makes sense in your organization, and I think the answer is probably going to surprise you a little bit.

I think probably the most important thing to understand is this isn’t a versus question. You don’t have to have one or the other. As a matter of fact, I would argue, and I think that many people would agree, that SRE is actually an essential component of DevOps, and a good, properly implemented DevOps method leads to the necessity of SRE when it comes to deployment. So there are two sides to the same coin, so that will obviously lead to a little bit of confusion because DevOps is the development methodology; it’s all about integrating your development teams and your operations teams. It’s about knocking down those silos between them. It’s about ensuring that everybody is singing the same songbook, and that’s very important. SRE is in charge of automating all of the things and making sure that you never go down.

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