In the world of software architecture, which is still in its infancy in absolute terms, change is still rapid and structural. Deep paradigms can be overturned, changing the structure of information systems. As coupling has become a key issue for many information systems, new architectures have emerged, notably SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), followed by Microservices. These two fairly widespread architectures certainly make it
possible to solve coupling problems, but as always there are certain trade-offs to be made. The complexity of testing is one of them.

Like a balanced equation, an information system is an equivalence between a technical expression and a functional expression, and if one changes, we need to be able to guarantee the validity of the equivalence between the two. To attain this, we need to be able to test all parties using tools that can establish this equality. When releasing a new version of a microservice, it’s fairly easy to run unit and even integration tests before and during deployment to validate its internal operation. 

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