Communication is key in today’s business world. The digital evolution and use of APIs (or tools that help different software talk to each other) have reshaped the way businesses connect with customers. With features like voice calls, video chats, text messages, and more, APIs are making business communication easier and more interactive. Let’s explore the details of how these handy tools, called Communication APIs, are changing the way we talk to customers.

What Are Communication APIs?

Communication APIs (Applications Programming Interfaces) are essentially tools that allow businesses to upgrade their communication channels by integrating voice calls, text messages, and other communication mediums into their applications or websites. In simpler terms, APIs are pieces of code that act as a bridge between two applications, enabling them to share data and access each other’s functionalities. This enables your application to access pre-built communication functions like email, in-app chat, voice-based and video-based chat, SMS, and other modes of communication. 

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