When a hardcoded secret is detected in your source code, you can rely on GitGuardian to help you prioritize, investigate, and remediate the incident. When you think of the GitGuardian platform, most people picture the dashboard.

From this view, you can quickly see high-level incident information that can help you triage your incidents, assign them to workspace members and begin the process of fixing the issue. The team has put a lot of thought and effort into making this a very user-friendly interface that customers can quickly learn and leverage when dealing with secrets sprawl.

The GitGuardian API

Some teams might prefer to leverage the power of the GitGuardian platform without using the dashboard directly in some cases. This is entirely possible thanks to the powerful GitGuardian API, which is available to all customers. With our API, you can interact with incidents, teams, workspace members, and audit logs; or even implement your own secrets scanning.

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