CockroachDB makes multi-region simple. When CockroachDB spans geographically, we often need to add a minimum of two more regions for a multi-region cluster. This unique capability has many strengths but it comes at a cost. Oftentimes, our customers demand CockroachDB be available in regions where we see low demand, and bringing those regions online is not cost-effective to the organization. As of this writing, we support the most popular regions in GCP and AWS; some regions are not exposed in the cloud console but are available via support ticket. 

PolyScale operates a global network of PoPs (Points of Presence). Think of PoPs as regional database connections. This versatility provides a cost-effective solution to reduce global network latency by bringing the database closer to the end user. The network of PoPs spans multiple cloud providers, thereby bridging the gap between cloud providers. PolyScale complements CockroachDB in the way that CockroachDB can be more accessible in many more geographic locations and many other cloud providers than provided out of the box by Cockroach Cloud.

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