In today’s world, automated compliance and remediation have become essential components of device management solutions for an IT administrator. The ever-increasing complexity and scale of IT systems, coupled with stringent regulatory and security requirements, demand a proactive approach to maintain compliance. Automated systems enable real-time monitoring and continuous checks to ensure adherence to security protocols, industry standards, and internal policies. 

Automated remediation needs to be near real-time to address incidents, security threats, or non-compliance, preventing potential disruptions to operations and customer experiences. For near-real-time data transfer from the cloud to devices, establishing a bidirectional or duplex connection is commonly required. By utilizing MQTT, devices can efficiently publish and subscribe to messages through the cloud, enabling instantaneous data transfer. The MQTT protocol’s two-way communication allows devices to receive information and updates from the cloud instantly, ensuring prompt responsiveness and streamlined data exchange for enhanced IoT operations. 

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