We’ve been hearing that the Internet of Things (IoT) would transform the way we live and work by connecting everyday devices to the internet for a long time now. While much of the promise of the IoT always seems to be “coming soon,” the proliferation of IoT devices has already created a massive amount of data that needs to be processed, stored, and analyzed, in real-time. I’ve said for years—actually over a decade now—that if your IoT data isn’t timely, accurate, and actionable, you’re mostly wasting your time in collecting it.

This is where the Apache Pinot® database comes in. Pinot is an open-source, distributed data store designed for real-time analytics. The high scalability, reliability, and low latency query response times of Pinot make it a great solution for processing massive amounts of IoT data. In this post, we will explore the benefits of using Pinot in IoT applications.

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