Designing and documenting APIs well is essential to working on API projects. APIs should be easy to use, understand, and maintain. Ensure your API design is clearly and effectively communicated to your users and teammates. You need to generate the entirety of your API design, together with documentation, code, assessments, mocks, and so forth. What is the excellent way to do all that? An API specification language is one way to do that. An API spec language is a way of writing down your API design using a general layout that humans and machines can read. It lets you write your API layout in a simple and structured manner, which you may use to create all varieties of awesome things. There are many API spec languages. However, the popular ones are RAML and OAS. RAML stands for RESTful API Modeling Language, and it’s a language that uses YAML to put into writing your APIs. OAS stands for OpenAPI Specification, a language that uses JSON or YAML to write down your APIs. In this post, I will evaluate RAML and OAS and tell you what they can do for you.


RAML and OAS have some standard features. They both:

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