The main purpose of this article and use case is to scrape AWS CloudWatch metrics into the Prometheus time series and to visualize the metrics data in Grafana. Prometheus and Grafana are the most powerful, robust open-source tools for monitoring, collecting, visualizing, and performance metrics of the deployed applications in production. These tools give greater visibility other than collecting the metrics also, where we can set up critical alerts, live views, and custom dashboards. CloudWatch Exporter is an open-source tool to capture metrics as defined in yml configuration file. 


The CloudWatch Exporter will collect the metrics from AWS Cloud watch every 15 seconds (default), and it will expose them as key/value pairs in /the metrics API response. Using that configuration, the exporter will collect those metrics from CloudWatch every 15 seconds (default) and expose them as key-value pairs in the ‘/metrics’ API response. The CloudWatchExporter’s /metrics endpoint should then be added to the Prometheus configuration as a scrape job. Prometheus allows us to define the scraping frequency, so we can adjust the frequency of calls to CloudWatch to eventually tune the cost.

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