In this blog, you will take a look at Podman Compose. With Podman Compose, you can use compose files according to the Compose Spec in combination with a Podman backend. Enjoy!


A good starting point and a must-read is this blog provided by RedHat. In short, Podman Compose is not directly maintained by the Podman team, and neither is Docker Compose, of course. Podman Compose has a more limited feature set than Docker Compose and in general, it is advised to use Kubernetes YAML files for this purpose. See “Podman Equivalent for Docker Compose” for how this can be used. However, the Podman team will fix issues in Podman when required for Podman Compose. It is also possible to use Docker Compose in combination with Podman, as is described in the post “Use Docker Compose with Podman to Orchestrate Containers on Fedora Linux.”

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