The rise of Kubernetes, cloud-native, and microservices spawned major changes in architectures and abstractions that developers use to create modern applications. In this multi-part series, I talk with some of the leading experts across various layers of the stack — from networking infrastructure to application infrastructure and middleware to telemetry data and modern observability concerns — to understand emergent platform engineering patterns that are affecting developer workflow around cloud-native. The next participant in our series is Ville Aikas, Founder of Chainguard and formerly a staff engineer at VMware and software engineer at Google, where he was one of the earliest members of the Kubernetes project.

Q: We are nearly a decade into containers and Kubernetes (K8s was first released in Sept 2014). How would you characterize how things look different today than ten years ago, especially in terms of the old world of systems engineers and network administrators and a big dividing line between these operations concerns and the developers on the other side of the wall? And what has that meant for developers’ responsibilities around security concerns?

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