Development practices are constantly changing, and as testers, we must embrace change. One of the changes that we can experience is the move from monthly or quarterly releases to continuous delivery or continuous deployment. In addition, this move to continuous delivery or deployment offers testers the chance to learn new skills.

A project that makes monthly or quarterly releases has a familiar rhythm, and the team builds toward the release date. The testers must test all the cards and conduct manual regression testing. Every test in the manual scripts needs to be executed, and possibly a report needs to be made on the results of these tests. Once the release has been made, it is possible that there will be bugs that were in the release that need to be fixed. The testers will also need to start running the same manual regression tests on the next release and report on them again. Testing for monthly or quarterly releases is a repetitive process. This process has been compared to the Greek myth of Sisyphus, who had to roll a stone to the top of a hill, and then when the stone rolled to the bottom of the hill, he had to roll it to the top of the hill again.

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