This post series is about mastering offline data pipeline’s best practices, focusing on the potent combination of Apache Airflow and data processing engines like Hive and Spark. In Part 1 of our series explored the strategies for enhancing Airflow data pipelines using Apache Hive on AWS EMR. Our primary objective was to attain cost efficiency and establish effective job configurations. In this concluding Part 2, we will extensively explore Apache Spark, another pivotal element in our comprehensive data engineering toolkit. By optimizing the Airflow job parameters specifically for Spark, there is a substantial potential for enhancing performance and realizing substantial cost savings.

Why Apache Spark in Airflow?

Apache Spark is a really important framework and tool for data processing in companies all about data. It’s genuinely outstanding at processing massive amounts of data quickly and efficiently. It’s especially great for complex data analytics with fast query performance and advanced analytics capabilities. This makes Spark a preferred choice for enterprises handling vast amounts of data and requiring real-time analytics.

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