OpenTelemetry has been getting a lot of attention in the observability field. Moreover, in StackState’s latest release, we added support for OpenTelemetry traces. Melcom van Eeden, software developer at StackState, was one of our developer champions who made this possible. In addition to joining us on this episode of StackPod, he wrote a blog post on how to leverage OpenTelemetry with StackState and he recorded a tutorial video about the topic. Melcom is obviously very enthusiastic (and knowledgeable) about this technology. You can imagine we had to have Melcom on the StackPod to talk more about this “knight in shining armor,” as he calls it. 

Melcom has been doing software engineering for a long time. He started in school, picking IT subjects and building what he likes to call  “weird stuff.” After school, Melcom started working in IT and got introduced to different databases and programming languages. “I think that piqued my interest,” he says. “I wanted to learn more about different languages and technologies.”

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