If you have an aversion to new frameworks, don’t even read this. For other kind readers, please note that here I’m going to present a proposal for an API for modeling database queries in a declarative style with strong Kotlin type checking primarily. Only some classes around entities are implemented; the database connection is missing for now. In the project, I tried to evaluate my experience and vision so far. However, not all ideas presented in this paper are completely new. Some of them I drew from the Ujorm framework, and the entity concept was inspired by the Ktorm framework. But the code is new. The prototype results from a mosaic that has been slowly pieced together and has now taken a form that is hopefully worth presenting.

If you are not discouraged by the introduction, I will skip the general talk about ORM and let you get to the code samples. The demonstration examples use two relational database tables. This is an employee/department (unspecified organization) relationship where each employee may (or may not) have a supervisor. Both tables are described by entities from the following class diagram:

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