MuleSoft stands out as a leading provider of integration solutions, offering products like CloudHub 2.0 and Runtime Fabric (RTF) that satisfy diverse business needs. With these platforms, connecting applications, data, and devices in a hybrid environment has become extremely efficient. In this article, we will discuss when to use MuleSoft’s CloudHub 2.0 and when to switch to MuleSoft RTF based on your organizational needs.

MuleSoft CloudHub 2.0

CloudHub 2.0 is the next iteration of MuleSoft’s CloudHub, a cloud-based containerized integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that provides a fully managed, multi-tenanted, globally available, secure, and highly available platform for integration and APIs. This latest version comes with enhancements for better performance, scalability, security, and operability. Using CloudHub 2.0, you can deploy APIs and integrations as lightweight containers in the cloud.

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