We created the NestJS boilerplate in August 2020, and since then, we have worked on its optimization and improvements. NestJS boilerplate is a project that contains all necessary libraries and solutions like auth, mailing, etc., for fast-starting your project using a classic REST API approach. Right now, this boilerplate has 1.8K stars on GitHub and has recognition and support from the developer community. Recently, we also published our new frontend boilerplate on React, which is excellently compatible with the backend implementation, so please check it out.

Motivation To Include Mongo Support

PostgreSQL support was originally included in the boilerplate because of its reliability, data integrity, and active community. But for projects that require high speed of working with large data sets and high scalability, MongoDB is usually a better choice. So, we wanted to integrate MongoDB support into our project. Also, we’ve got a number of requests to include NoSQL DB support from the community members and coworkers who use this boilerplate.

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