2022 has been the year of source code leaks; Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung, Rockstar, and many more companies have had their source code involuntarily open-sourced. But some new research by Cybernews has revealed that there are millions of private git repositories that are, in fact, not all that private. In this article, we will take a look at the research on exposed git repositories, review why this can be such a problem, and suggest what you can do differently.

Nearly 2 Million Exposed Git Repositories

Git is a technology that nearly all software developers use to collaborate and version control their software. You will likely be familiar with git repository hosts like GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab, which all offer turnkey solutions to sign up and start pushing code to your own repositories and collaborating with others. Git can be a tricky technology and prone to user errors that can result in sensitive information being exposed. For example, when you create a new git repository on your machine, a .git folder is created. This folder contains all the information and meta-data about your project since it was created. If you made an edit from 2012 to your application, 10 years later, that edit is still hidden in that .git folder. If you commit an API key on a development branch 3 years ago, it’s still inside this .git folder. Basically, unless you are certain you and no one on your team have ever committed anything remotely sensitive, which will be godly if true, this is likely a very sensitive folder.

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