Apache Camel is everything but a new arrival in the area of the Java enterprise stacks. Created by James Strachan in 2007, it aimed at being the implementation of the famous “EIP book” (Enterprise Integration Patterns by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf, published by Addison Wesley in October 2003). After having become one of the most popular Java integration frameworks in early 2010, Apache Camel was on the point of getting lost in the folds of history in favor of a new architecture model known as Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and perceived as a panacea of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

But after the SOA fiasco, Apache Camel (which, meanwhile, has been adopted and distributed by several editors including but not limited to Progress Software and Red Hat under commercial names like Mediation Router or Fuse) is making a powerful comeback and is still here, even stronger for the next decade of integration. This comeback is also made easier by Quarkus, the new supersonic and subatomic Java platform.

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