Microservices can decrease the risk of experimenting with new technologies and can enable each part of an application to scale at its own pace. Of course, each microservice should be as independent as possible from the other microservices in an ecosystem, ideally only connected by a communications interface. Powering your microservices with technologies that are both versatile and resource lean can help achieve this independence.

Open-source Tarantool is one of the most microservice-ready databases on the market due to its small footprint and unique architecture. It can execute an enormous amount of work on a single core, which means that it can run effectively on everything from an IIoT device to a small cloud VPS instance to a multicore server. The latter could actually run a whole suite of Tarantool services. And the fact that Tarantool has all of the features that it needs to function as an independent database means that any microservice it powers doesn’t require an additional database (as it would, were Tarantool a more conventional cache).

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