As there are more and more things being connected to the Internet, necessarily there is a need to integrate these devices together. We have some great opportunities to be really productive in partitioning huge problems into small and even smaller and solve them one by one. We can easily develop a simple service, put it into a Docker container and deploy it to any cloud solution. Later we can connect the services together and let them do a huge job.

The services are being developed in worldwide spread teams and integrated together as needed. The same good old service oriented architecture principles apply here as well. However, the integration part is the one that has changed from the past. We no longer put the services together into a single application container. We rather deploy them standalone. This freedom allows us to spawn more instances of the same service to handle higher load, it is more failure resilient (one failed deployment does not necessarily break the others when we use circuit breakers), we can use less powerful virtual machines for hosting the services, and we believe you can come up with even more advantages.

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