In the dynamic world of cloud-native technologies, monitoring and observability have become indispensable. Kubernetes, the de-facto orchestration platform, offers scalability and agility. However, managing its health and performance efficiently necessitates a robust monitoring solution. Prometheus, a powerful open-source monitoring system, emerges as a perfect fit for this role, especially when integrated with Kubernetes. This guide outlines a strategic approach to deploying Prometheus in a Kubernetes cluster, leveraging helm for installation, setting up an ingress nginx controller with metrics scraping enabled, and configuring Prometheus alerts to monitor and act upon specific incidents, such as detecting ingress URLs that return 500 errors.


Prometheus excels at providing actionable insights into the health and performance of applications and infrastructure. By collecting and analyzing metrics in real-time, it enables teams to proactively identify and resolve issues before they impact users. For instance, Prometheus can be configured to monitor system resources like CPU, memory usage, and response times, alerting teams to anomalies or thresholds breaches through its powerful alerting rules engine, Alertmanager.

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