In modern ERP systems, invoice creation and processing is a well-defined process and automated to an extent across organizations. Despite that, every organization has its own set of standard operating procedures that require tweaks/enhancements. There are intelligent document recognition software like Kofax, Oracle Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR), which offer the built features using AI and ML capabilities to identify the text and images on the invoices sent by the vendors to be paid, which are usually in the pdf format. There is no specific invoice layout or template that is followed, which leads to multiple variations in terms of layout and template differences, adding up the complexity for the built-in features not able to identify certain fonts, data inside the HTML tables, etc., leading to partial data entry causing the invoice entry operator to manually review and update the missing fields for each invoice. 

Invoices are emailed as PDF attachments to a dedicated Inbox setup to receive the incoming invoices from the vendors directly. It is advisable to segregate the inboxes based on the geographic location of the vendor and business units so they can be scheduled to auto-import and create invoices with the invoice details auto-populated.

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