There is a common problem most backend developers face at least once in their careers: where should we store our secrets? It appears to be simple enough, we have a lot of services focusing on this very issue, we just need to pick one and get on the next task. Sounds easy, but how can we pick the right solution for our needs? We should evaluate our options to see more clearly. 

The Test

For the demonstration, we can take a simple Spring Boot application as an example. This will be perfect for us because that is one of the most popular technology choices on the backend today. In our example, we will assume we need to use a MySQL database over JDBC; therefore, our secrets will be the connection URL, driver class name, username, and password. This is only a proof of concept, any dependency would do as long as it uses secrets. We can easily generate such a project using Spring Initializr. We will get the DataSource auto configured and then create a bean that will do the connection test. The test can look like this: 

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