Apache Kafka has emerged as a clear leader in corporate architecture for moving from data at rest (DB transactions) to event streaming. There are many presentations that explain how Kafka works and how to scale this technology stack (either on-premise or cloud). Building a microservice using ChatGPT to consume messages and enrich, transform, and persist is the next phase of this project. In this example, we will be consuming input from an IoT device (RaspberryPi) which sends a JSON temperature reading every few seconds.

Consume a Message

As each Kafka event message is produced (and logged), a Kafka microservice consumer is ready to handle each message. I asked ChatGPT to generate some Python code, and it gave me the basics to poll and read from the named “topic.” What I got was a pretty good start to consume a topic, key, and JSON payload. The ChatGPT created code to persist this to a database using SQLAlchemy. I then wanted to transform the JSON payload and use API Logic Server (ALS – an open source project on GitHub) rules to unwarp the JSON, validate, calculate, and produce a new set of message payloads based on the source temperature outside a given range.

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