The author of this post questions the perspective presented in a MinIO article, which suggests that POSIX is not a suitable fit for object stores. He conducted comprehensive tests involving MinIO s3fs-fuseand JuiceFS. Results indicate that MinIO and JuiceFS deliver excellent performance while s3fs-fuse lagging. In small file overwrite scenarios, JuiceFS FUSE-POSIX outperforms other solutions.

Recently, I came across an article on the MinIO blog titled “Putting a Filesystem on Top of an Object Store is a Bad Idea. Here is why.” The author used s3fs-fuse as an example to illustrate the performance challenges encountered when accessing MinIO data using Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) methods, highlighting that the performance significantly lagged behind direct MinIO access. The author attributed these performance issues to inherent flaws in POSIX. However, our experience differs somewhat from this conclusion.

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